Real Estate

If you’re in the field of real estate, you know that there is much specific knowledge that you Have acquired through experience. Accounting for real estate need a special setup, especially if you are using QuickBooks. We can assist you in setting up and maintain your real estate business’s books so that they are right the first time.

We assist real estate management businesses, real estate developers, real estate investors, property management companies, real estate agents, apartment complex owners, and landlords.

We offer:

  • Accounting software selection, installation, customization & training for real estate businesses
  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual bookkeeping services, including reconciliations, accounts receivable and payable support.
  • Preparation Financial reports, including helping in understanding your reports
  • Designing Chart of Accounts for better management of finance.
  • Payroll software selection, reporting, workers compensation, tax compliance, and other payroll administration issues
  • Segregation of costs
  • Benchmarking to your industry
  • Preparing & Plaining Tax returns &
  • Any more depending on your specific financial requirements.

To Get Started:

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