Working Remotely

Using secure virtual technology like Team-viewer, VPN / RDP/ Netsonic etc. We will login to your system and complete the work on your computer system.

Using Cloud Software’s

This simply requires you to provide us your login details and supporting documents / accounting information via our secured mailing system. The work gets done and saved on cloud.

Using freelance Websites Links:

You can join us using the following links of world’s top freelance services platforms to hire our professional services. 1- Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk) 2- FIVERR.COM

Step 1- Document Requisition

We’ve designed a Checklist of documents which would be required from the client’s end for Accounting / Bookkeeping assignment.

You can use Dropbox , Google Drive, O drive, One Drive, email or snail mail to send us your documents as per your convenience. Although we prefer Dropbox.

*Client needs to follow the Checklist and provide us the required document like Bank statements, Expense-Bills, Purchase Bills, Customer Invoices etc.

Step 2- Processing Documents in Accounting System/ Software

The documents would be entered into Accounting software of your choice (QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, Wave apps, Saasu etc.) or any such Accounting Platform.

We will store the scanned copy of the source document along with the transaction to make it easily available in Accounting software or related addons.

All the entries would be reviewed and cross-checked with the source documents (i.e. Scanned Bills / Purchase Invoice etc. against the Expense /Purchase transaction respectively)

Benefit: This will leave an audit trail for all transaction for use in future.

Step 3- Reporting

Management reporting: We will provide Management reports and analysis in order to help them appreciate the performance of their business. We can have a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) with client in order to know exactly what their reporting needs are.

Receivable / Payable Reporting: We can report on daily basis for the entities who wish to have their books updated regularly.

Tax Returns: we’re staying committed to send two weeks before the deadline for you to review. We can help you with your Sales Tax, VAT, GST/HST, BAS based totally upon whichever country you are in.

Step 4- Finalization

  • We might receive listing of queries from your side and your tax consultant.
  • We would resolve the queries and get back to you with completed work.
  • See our checklist on finalization